Hình ảnh thiết bị X Pos tương lai của Pundi X https://twitter.com/PundiXLabs/status/914612954573787138

Đừng quên 5600 ETH đang chờ bạn tham gia Bounty của Pundi X https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2216833.0

đây là coin khá tiềm năng của thị trường Nhật ae có thể múc ít big market and potential project! :)

Thank you mọi người join

Welcome Zac he's CEO of Pundi X project!

heard about this group two days ago

How is the crypto market like in VN?

Pundi X đang xây dựng xây dựng nên Walmart của tiền thuật toán, giúp hàng triệu người kết nối với cuộc cách mạng tiền thuật toán. Trụ sở của Cty tại Jakarta Indonesia. Một thành viên Của cộng đồng Asean!

crypto market in Vietnam not really big but also potential market here with young population it will help all tech and new thing easy join with us!

Vietnam has a young and fast growing economy

Some say the fastest now in Asean

haha really? That's nice. I was in Jakatar 2 years ago. Manything almost same like my currently city in Hochiminh city :)

traffic also crazy too haha

yeah, I joined with the biggest Muslim country in Asean

Indo economic also very Strong!

Pundi X nhé bạn

We are based in indonesia , and our team members are from all over the world. R&D in shenzhen and we will open an office in Seoul

If we have the chance , we want to explore Vietnam

Many young ppl and very fast moving market

You're welcome! Many big coparation now moving to Vietnam

Feel free to ask anything (AMA) or private message about Pundi X

What's about Pundi X card? When will it issue and ready with demo product yet?

Is this call X POS? Can it work with all credit card?

Coi nay mua o dau chu toan

For bank cards we will either use a master Visa gateway or a local gateway

Do you have certified from Gov with this project? As we all know now many Gov trying to ban or manage ICO to avoid scam ICO that would be hurst all investors

Bh kinh doanh he thong ah

Our company is registered in isle of man and this jurisdiction recognises ICO and virtual goods

My bad this is my first time I heard about this Island. Is this also a EU members?

It's not the most famous island lol