In short, ever since the intentional or otherwise delays caused by the establishment or not, I feel the team had been pushing forward whereever possible for the overall ecosystem, until of course the (kc) are cleared.Instead of picking their noses in the offices waiting for them, they had been, according to many events, videos, monthly reports, etc, they been working extremely hard, which I don't doubt at all. The bear market has messed up their plans in many respects imo. Also imo the usd crash can and will push blockchain/cryptocurrency into the equation. Moving away from this long winded reasons. The project has a promising target of xpos deployment by Q1 of 50k;Here are my guesses.-20k for Japan nem-20k for Dubai-4k for corporate orders-2k for Amcham.. -600 for individual orders-50 for Hara-50 for Stanry's locationsThat's alot of devices going out and building their portfolio simultaneously. No monthly fees compared to other pos, see paste below square vs XPOS for example. One smart trick can be caught on for the future, which I don't like to advocate much... , is that the merchants, can run nightly fiat turn over via xpos... B2B of course can benefit from this. 😅



Don't forget Nem in there

More maths I did, could be wrong. 83.5 billion of npxs burnt if everyone 50/50.Therefore 274b - 83.5 = 190.5 this calculation is without taking away the npxsxem however.244 b Pundi and Nem together 45 % = 170m 244/170 = 1435 ratio =1 fx

RATIOS; The conversion is not linear. It varies from day to day depending on the number of NPXS/NPXSNEM tokens being offered up for the swap on a given day. With a bottom of worst case scenario; - 1: 500 npxs for first 30 days- 1: 600 for 31 - 60 days- 1: 700 for 61 - 90 daysOr stake it for free, kindly offered by the Team.

=====Telegram Groups=====-News Channel: @pundixofficial-XPOS: (PM Admin)-NEM: @nemxpos-Market Chat: @pundixmarket-Xwallet: @XWallet_Support-Functionx Official: @functionx-Referral bonus:

THREE OPTIONS;TERMS: The allocation of both the FX coin pools, distributed to you, vary in percentages given to your Xwallet/webwallet each month. This is because you share from the same pool, with the total number of users participating that day. Staking Pool = Shared 15% of total TGE allocation. Program starts 10th March & lasts 12 months. When staking using only npxsxem/npxs you will continue to get your normal npxsxem/npxs returns on a monthly drop till Dec 2020. Converting Pool = Shared 45% of total TGE allocation. Program starts April/May & last over a three months period. Option 1: Do not stake and do not convert. No actions needed till Q3. Swapped later to mainnet for 1:1 exact for npxs-fx/npxsnem-fx (not FX coin, difference). Option 2: Stake (within Xwallet) but not convert. Transfer npxs/npxsnem to XWallet and start staking.Option 3: Stake and convert. Transfer npxs/npxsnem and start staking and then converting. The holders can decide the amount of the staking and converting. Note;All converted FX percentages are equally removed from the npxs/npxsnem total supply, forever. FX coins cannot get normal monthly 2.11% drops because;Staking requires npxs/npxsnem. You can stop or withdraw from the program anytime.

$NEM foundation is seeking $7.5 million in emergency funding to stave off bankruptcy — link
Just reset it

So it's not like a wallet? Where u have backup 12 word mnemonic keys etc?

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Hey hey! Same old thing.. you know. 😏Every thing helps!! I’ll check out reddit too. It’s been a minute.

Yeah how many places can one person check. i have been jumping there , here, news , twitter. whereas your going in fx group and nem, its too much, non stop. haha


Sounds promising to invest now. Must be going better then shown externally. All the best to Nem.

waste phonememory

Possibility for Nemxpos...

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Attention to NPXSXEM holderDo not send your token from Exchange to FX card (Xwallet). Only send from Private wallet e.g NEM Nano Wallet..

Never make enemy with Binance or else they shall perished.

Who ask u make enemy

Dear Pundians, 🗄system upgrade notice 🗄We will perform Pundi X system upgrade from 15:00 to 17:00 GMT+8 on May 24, 2019. The upgrade will take approximately 2 hours. The improvement includes:1. To add NPXSXEM withdrawal support to private NEM wallet addresses 2. To optimize listing process of the Open Platform During this period, you will not be able to use the XWallet and XPOS services. We recommend you to avoid doing any transaction during this period of time. We apologize for any inconvenience it may cause and thank you for your patience 🙏🏻

nem 20,000 xpos buydubai 100,000 xpos buy

I am no ones enemy here just think it strange to not ask the source