@BitKing7 Dee Duncan
Mass Adoption will take time (meaning years) based on what is going on with the old financial system drying up Fiat on Ramps into Crypto

U don't understand. Yes Mass Adoption takes time. To create a new fx BlockChain, one has to initiate and much effort to have partnership to test in testnet, Dapp in pipeline, or discussion on porting Ethereum dapp etc...

Price fluctuate....not that I don't concern. With onboard projects, partnership with dapp, porting of Ethereum FX etc. Then the price will follow suit.

Guys to take note Ethereum Muir Glacier Hard Fork is scheduled to occur on 2 Jan 2020 and suggest not to move your ETH token between wallet and risk your token get stuck in between hundreds of confirmation

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Hope something is done behind the scene to push the sales

I'm also referring to efforts to ports over Ethereum Dapp or Decentralised taxi upon Bob launch that will greatly push up the interest.