No one wants my $250k selling at $250 only 😭

Since when I'm asking you to answer?

Right but the company isnt responding to you in here bro

Go to the office in Singapore

sit down face to face and ask them

I mean how long will you try the same thing its clearly not working

I don't need them to answer. I only need them to read.

None of them have responded in here

So no point having sword with each other when we don't know the answer.

I agree no need to at anyone in here

will stop people from Communicating

anything they say will.not be enough

It was positive suggestions. They just have no answer to resolve.

Again that's a bad assumption

I wouldn't say that if they have done and progress well

Stanry | I dont reply to stranger DM
No business turn into multi billion over night.But when company start to deviate, change directions, raising fund with another BlockChain to get free money.....I start to question.

Company plans are always subject to change depending on events and environment. When did they raise funds to get free money? I must have missed that one... If you’re talking about the original plans for an Fx ICO you obviously are aware that that plans was scrapped so why you still taking about it?...and even if a project wants to create another project and try to fund raise for its development there would be nothing wrong with that

even MCO ran into problems

with spending and withdrawal limits

Ripple has done probably the 3rd most development in a bear market

and XRP is still 24 cents

@BitKing7 Dee Duncan

Gotta be done man... just not a good look and he’s always spreading bad juju lol

@Bitking7 just share your xpos sales here. Make everyone happy here.

I am here as a community member

Stanry | I dont reply to stranger DM
@Bitking7 just share your xpos sales here. Make everyone happy here.

This is the kinda s**t I’m talking about. Just be constructive man... you must be having some personal issues right now so I know it’s hard but just try lol