Welcome to Pundi X SG Chapter! Purpose of this group: 1. talk cock sing song 2. challenge the Pundi X MY group 3. support Pundi X for local research, events, introductions etc Please use this link to add new members: https://t.me/pundix_sg A quick summary We are launching a POS device, called the XPOS that can accept cryptocurrencies for merchants to use to sell their product. Our token's utility are: - a tiny portion is used for a gas fee - the token is used to list other tokens in our XPOS ( for example, QTUM paid us a sum of NPXS to be listed later in our XPOS, this will include future coins that will be listed in our XPOS ) - loyalty programs are made & paid with NPXS - Ads that run through our XPOS are also paid in NPXS - future products will be paid with NPXS - claim goods and services from merchants as for our XPOS, there are 2 parts, 1 being the merchant, and 1 being the user: for the merchants: 1. you get 1% extra as a fee ( you can set it up from 0-3%, but we reccomend 1%) 2. you can sell crypto (again with that 1% fee) 3. you can sell the XPASS cards 4. the POS can setup your inventory, loyalty programs, ads, print smart receipts as well 5. you can accept crypto (again the 1% fee) 6. you will be one of the first to change how the world use cryptos :) for the XPASS holders: 1. they can liquidate their crypto assets through our merchants, hassle free 2. they get a special discount 3. if you lose the XPASS black card, we are able to recover it ( as long as you have the security card )

welcome Amit!

Cool Boss is here too

our first member

aside from me and Zac haha

can you see the pinned msg and past msgs?

Keep on growing Buddy

have to start somewhere bro

add your friends too

we just doubled members!

In August Pundi is coming here

dont know zac will come here or not.. haha

long time didnt meet him

do crypto must come sg

bro lik here

and besides xpos launching in sg as part of first batch launch countries

when u will be here?

all of u done the okex signup?

Amit Crypto
In August Pundi is coming here

Cant wait to get hold of pundi xpos card, will chg my credit card for tapping if benefts and adoption is good😊

Our group just did 6X!

thanks Junde ! 😃

any info on when PundiX is planning to conquer Europe ? looking forward to see XPOS arrive in shops in Europe

Pls use this to add your friends 👍

I think first batch includes Switzerland deliveries

thanks June, good to know ! hope to see it coming soon. and I guess this concern was already answered before, but is there any chance CMC updates supply for PundiX before the end of the Swap, or we will have to wait until Sept 20 to see the real position of PUndix token reflected publicly ? I mean if PundiX appeared #50, it would get a lot more traction from potentially interested new investors, than the current #1300 ranking !

Make spore the first test bed to adopt and resolve all bugs, after stable then fanout, to smoothen implentation n confidence

Get the members in each group to be more involved in adoption, otherwise all the moon-talk in chat group is really umproductive

Philip hey man ;) long time

LGE die hard fan..:)