Putting the finishing touches on it now

@BitKing7 Dee Duncan
Putting the finishing touches on it now

So there is no working device yet. Can you answer whether it’s an app you have to download on to the terminal?

@BitKing7 Dee Duncan
It can be downloaded

But which is it? Why have you written pax is powered by Pundixlabs when it’s not a hardware integration as such and you don’t know if it’s even gonna be preloaded?

@BitKing7 Dee Duncan
Relax man

I’m relaxed. Just asking questions. Why so defensive? You were the one that posted an event. We’re looking for clarity. That’s all. If you can’t answer that’s all good. I’ll ask one of the team 😉

Clarity will come when you see the full Announcement

Thank you for the excitement

Not dodging questions at all

Yeh I would assume the person posting it would know the details. Not too much too ask is it? People will get excited once they can have the full information lol.

Ever heard of a SizzleVideo?

Jeez I’m just asking real basic questions here lol

I am giving real basic answers

But there’s no need for that if supporters just want to know things. A bit silly really. Never mind

Are you based in U.S. Equalizer?

I don’t give out personal info online. Thankyou for understanding 👍

Dear Pundians, on Apr 3 at 10:00 am GMT+8, Zac Cheah, CEO and Co-Founder of Pundi X will host a video session to talk about the progress made in Q1 2020. https://twitter.com/PundiXLabs/status/1243484671540752384?s=20

Jane George has been banned! Reason: CAS ban.

@BitKing7 Dee Duncan
Says the man/woman who wants complete transparency

Are you ok Mr BitKing? Why have you gone there? 👀Anonymity and not giving out personal information online is ok with you in a public forum isn’t it? I want to stay as safe as possible. I shouldn’t have to explain that. Wanting transparency from a company or their representatives regarding a project is not the same thing. You should know this. Maybe you’re upset because I haven’t answered any of your private messages?I am really busy so please don’t take it personally. A friendly word of advice - If you’re a distributor or representing the company please try and be a bit more courteous and professional - this kind of bitchiness makes you look bad

I have not disrespected anyone

Wanting transparency while remaining anon is a waist of energy just my opinion

And everyone here has a right to that

It's Interesting how if I or anyone who supports Pundix share a personal opinion it gets cast as Unprofessional

With that said these are very trying times in our world