.hont, for price related discussions, predictions, trading strategies please join the following channel: @pundixmarket. (community group)And remember to use it the next time you want to talk about the market.

Sir myetherwallet ki website me kuch change hua hai kya

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how can I buy Pundi Token?

Where can I sell my fx

Please if convert 2000 npxs what is the fx I can get please

S.A Matt
What of if I stake it please

If you stake you will earn a small amount of Fx over time and you will also keep all your npxs - good choice

S.A Matt
What of if I stake it please
Your FX token (daily) = (the total of NPXS+NPXSXEM allocated for staking) x 0.0000493%For every 100k NPXS/ NPXSXEM to stake, the holder can get approximately 18 f(x) tokens in 12 months or 1.5 f(x) tokens in a month or 0.05 f(x) tokens in a day, assume the holder completes all the actions required for staking in the XWallet app. https://medium.com/pundix/a-guide-to-staking-npxs-npxsxem-for-f-x-tokens-771b82266941

admin can not log in app

admin can you help me ?

Please submit a ticket here: https://pundix.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

in the part that I put my cell phone number and password, it directs me to 2 factors, I push and nothing happens

Is it true you added aKucoin to xpos

Dear Pundians, new token arrive on Pundi X payment platform: KCS 🎉! XWallet users can now top up and use KCS with XPOS merchants across 25 countries. Welcome! For more details 👉 https://medium.com/pundix/pundi-x-welcomes-kucoin-and-its-native-token-kcs-into-the-payment-network-9c842fc0d86

Is it true when a new crypto is added They have to buy some npxs

Pundi and kcs to the moon

When is the mobile paystation launching?

Had a dream btc got to 20k by August

Location of Featured XPOS Merchants - https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1LRgwhieU2xz-5E7kjAcqzMunt_u1p6jA&usp=sharing

So what is tomorrows launch?

Dear Pundians, on June 11 and 13, #PundiX Co-Founder and CFO Danny Lim will participate the panel, "What is my #Blockchain" hosted by Living in Digital Times in CES Asia in Shanghai, China 🇨🇳 with Steven Sprague, CEO of Rivetz, Leonard Frankel, CEO of ClanPlay and Gustav Arentoft from MakerDao. Here are the event details: https://livingindigitaltimes.com/ces-asia-2019/

Can someone explain to me what is the meaning of token removal

Airdrops are completed ? Correct ?

Monthly airdrops