This room is gone.

Why move here then move there ????

Then pinned the msg on top

How come no admin ??

What do you need help with?

New Pundi X Official Telegram Group We would like to apologize for what happened last night with our telegram group. Our group has been hacked. Please join our new telegram group: Thank you for your understanding :)

this is the old channel

no answer to my question???

Pitt Huang @ Pundi X
Hi kachkrypto, airdrop will start from December 1

Thank you. I hope we can see a spreadsheet to confirm recepient of the Airdrops.... that would be nice

Ok, wait for them to get up and i will tell them

Hai i already send ethereum, to your address, when pxs come to my wallet?

Its automatically send to your wallet

What wallet are u using?

Please click view wallet in myetherwallet

And add custome tokens

As many of you know this group was spammed and telegram decided to freezed us, we talked to telegram and they were kind enough to unfreeze us

We now ended up having two groups , because yesterday at 2am GMT+7 our team decided to create a new group just to make sure that everyone know what happened , we also tried to add people we can manage to get hold of into the new group

Interestingly we now have two new telegram groups (official English good). We will probably merge it into one (updates in a few hours)

Also we will be more firm in this group from now on, anyone that spams will be removed (we previously only removed spam messages not the user but now we will remove the spammer too)

Thanks again everyone for the patience and understanding :)

Our CTO @murphyai was so worried about the telegram spam he stayed up whole night to make sure things were ok

You should get some sleep soon @murphyai :)

Congratz Zac and Team!

Ryan Lye
Congratz Zac and Team!

Thanks for the support , have been great talking to cryptogrinders

Hopefully and wishfully we can speak to you again for another recording :)

Singapore just chosed their president , Ryan Lye will have to run for prime minister ;)

I am ready for this