Ledger, Trezor, MEW, Metamask, etc.

Goodmorning, all, lang leve de koning 😉 En niet te veel dinken he!

Do we already have a date for a presentation by Stephen / Michael?

I need to know as well so i can inform the place we will meet

We don't yet, it will be 19th and/or 20th in the evening. How much would Eetcafe de Doffer cost for our gathering?

Jana from Bitcoin Embassy has also recommended a place to me, but I don't have info on it yet...It's not at the Bitcoin Embassy.

How about in Rotterdam, Richard? @Cryptohouse12

I'll try and confirm by Wednesday next week

Probably not that much, i put the owner into bitcoin at a very low price

So he owes me one haha

Otherwise we can meet in my office in Rotterdam. I have a lot of space to do meeting here i do this myself also monthly

I was thinking one evening in Amsterdam and one evening in Rotterdam. Would there be enough people interested in attending?

I can get 8 interested people with me

Ok so we will meet in Amsterdam on Sunday, May 20th.

Richard is arranging the location above.

Alright, done deal. Gonna call for the location later

we're talking sunday afternoon / eve?

Usually evening around 7pm?

We're flexible, let's say from 4pm on, in terms of the meeting time. Could we have some feedback from the community members in this group?

It would be nice to see each other in daylight

As you know normally sundays are no workingdays in NL. So I think have gatering finished early evening would make stuff successful.

I can do 4pm onwards.

What do you think, @Cryptohouse12, 4-7pm on Sunday? It works for us

I will call and arrange first thing in the morning.

Ok guy's its set. Between 14.00 and 19.00 in Eetcafe de doffer in Amsterdam. We will have a private place to stay. We need to be gone by 19.30 maximum.

Here is the Meetup link...invite your friends & colleagues!

@Steviedeeee I look forward to this and meeting our amazinf community in Amsterdam

Welcome! Nederlands and English are welcome here...

Wat is precies de bedoeling van de meeting?

We zullen de Pundi X XPOS presenteren en de gemeenschap persoonlijk leren kennen.

Thank you google translate 😂

Oh so you do speak dutch hahha

Trolling us big time

With a focus on XPOS and "gemeenschap" :)

Please confirm your attendance on the Meetup so that we can anticipate how many will be joining us on Sunday the 20th. https://www.meetup.com/pundixnetherlands/events/250295777/ For future Pundi X Netherlands Community events, please reach out to @wealth9 and @Steviedeeee and we'll create the Meetup page for it.

Can't make it unfort.

That's too bad...I'll be there from Saturday afternoon to Monday afternoon.

We will find ways to fill up the venue haha

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