Dear pundians be ready for 33 sat, we will not take more time to reach there. 👍👍

Before march start, we can see 35-50 satoshi

To avoid any misunderstanding: tokens are not locked for a year, right ?

The process lasts a year ( for a total amount of 15% of TGE distributed ), but your tokens remain freeCorrect ?

guys im a die hard fan of Pundix. But wnt to give ths advce, if you want to gain extra profits, try Hot.

Marker stable many days

Volume doing good past few days. Now, #1 Npxs #2 Hot #3 btt

thats my holdings

yes. But its jst days ols

no reason for me to sell

Sell and buy approx 15 satoshi

You're the idiot with the 15 sat buy order

Crypto Guru
Btt down trend now

After they show circulation supply in cmc it will dumped so hard