shaking out the weak hands, just preparation for the next run

Looks like we are going down again. Buy wall shortening on the 19

Better get out while ya can and rebuy 15-16

Until governments really start to accept cryptocurrencies of some way, shape, or form, it’s gonna be very difficult for the major institutional investors to tap into crypto, according to the CEO of futures exchange operator CME Group, Terry Duffy.“We’ll have to do a wait and see,”

try, u can rebuy @20

Hmmm there is something cool going to happen soon

They need to announce something magical in Barcelona

I guess accumulation is done for 19

NPXS USD 4 HR CHART. NPXS long term very bullish. 1st Target 0.000760 at 90 %. 2nd Target- long term 0.0012

20 sat defending npxs to go up :P

Makes you wonder how much of it is fake

This year was supposed to be 2.116% untill end of year.

Next year .0881% for whole year.

Thats not the case anymore

I was trying to explain to the other poster.

OBV hits new high while price tests resistance: bullish divergence, predicting price will break resistance and surge higher, playing catch-up.. so

« Either way i am ready » thats like foreplay for traders 😂 @Seattlesunshine

I think btc is king. If btc bears we going to 12 sats. If btc bull to 4k we break 20/22sats. No need for bill gates 😋📈👍

« Either way i am ready » thats like foreplay for traders 😂 @Seattlesunshine

Haha. If it goes up great. Goes down I will buy more. I am an investor not a trader. Require too much time and energy I heard.