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What day each month does snapshot get taken for airdrop

Order book says it all.Buyers still want to buy below 20 sats.Sellers don't want to sell below 20 sats. Unless this dead lock resolves, it's sideways.

There will be no monthly unlocked tokens after we finish distributing the last batch of remaining unlocked tokens in June 2019.

Someone buy those npxs at 20 sats please and clear the sell wall. I can't take the eternal wait any more.. 🥵

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I was under the impression its a 2% airdrop monthly; until mid 2021. Is that incorrect?

March 2.11%April 11.0630%May 11.0630%June 11.0630%July 0

Random snapshots will be performed as usual.

And it can be held in binance wallet, doesnt have to be in xwallet?

so per every 1m npxs tokens you'll receive 110k npxs tokens per month april may and June?

Assume you own 1.000,000 NPXS March 1 2019 and hold till June 1, 2019 without buying and selling. April 1,000,000 11.0630% 1,110,630.0000 110,630.0000May 1,110,630 11.0630% 1,233,498.9969 122,868.9969June 1,233,499 11.0630% 1,369,960.9909 136,461.9940^ ^ Here is the example, payout is total 1,369,961 369,960.9909

All NPXS/NPXSXEM holders will be able to receive the f(x) tokens.How: Deposit NPXS / NPXSXEM into XWallet to join the distribution scheme.Date: From 10:00 am GMT+8 on March 10, 2019 to 9:59 am GMT+8 on March 9, 2020.

Perhaps a phone manufacturer announcement

Where are the big whales

For those who are in Barcelona but unable to attend MWC 2019, Hola Blockchain and BitBCN will be co-hosting a meetup in Movistar Center (that’s located close to Catalunya Square) and we will be there to showcase the XPOS, XPhone and Function X.

If we touch 18 sats one more time, we are going down. The mere 93 BTC buy wall is holding the fort.

I hope we reach 25+ before 25/2 so we can be in safe zone

Bots now going on sell mode for profits