as the day it gonna perform they are the one who gonna be in bug %%%

It's trap. 19 will go in seconds. Buy and HODL. 🚀 🚀 🚀

they are buying 20 sats and selling 20 sats again again again

I sent my pundi x to wallet from Binance but did not receive in wallet

Balance in binance is zero and status is completed but no coins in X wallet

How much time it usually takes ..

It varies but it could take a few hours.

Someone ban this idiot please

Do we organize a pump?

Didn’t you say this before but had ZERO cash to throw up 👀😭😂

Admin it's been 45 mins now

Ether scan also saying success

No coins in X wallet


This is my tx I'd please check

Next year .0881% for whole year.

Accelerated unlock and changes to the release times of monthly NPXS and NPXSXEM unlocked tokens

March 2.11%April 11.0630%May 11.0630%June 11.0630%