PG I am not blockchain developer lol..Just I like block chain...😀 I am just a driver..

Dear Pundians, catch us live at 9:45am (GMT+8) on Day 2 of XBlockchain Summit! You can see how Function X will redefine your decentralized world. Live streaming at FB: & YouTube:

Blockchain phone -X phone

Bit confused on the first Blockchain phone when Sirin labs are releasing their first Blockchain phone

NEM blockchain centre in ttdi too

Guys npxs runs on nem or ether blockchain?

Bakkt announces trading start at Dec 12th

But a lot of people are interested in Blockchain technology. At this stage I believe education of the technology is more important for Malaysians.

Just so everyone is on the same page with regards to SC Malaysia’s stance on crypto-assets
Dear Pundians, 2019 is the year to see significant development in the blockchain ecosystem and compliance is our top priority. To stay ahead, we plan to implement robust KYC process across XPOS, XWallet, XPASS cards as well as accelerate unlocked token distribution. Here’s the letter from Chief Legal Counsel to address our plan ahead:
Syed Faris
From the pin message

I think it's an old campaign. Bitcointalk is a forum for discussion on Blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

More so, when BlockChain company has to abide by the policy

Need to re-elect Malaysia Prime Minister who has background in blockchain tech 😂

Cambodia Partners with Pundi X to Develop Smart City in Phnom Penh – Asia Blockchain Review

Dear Pundians, meet XFan, the world’s first blockchain fan that you can enjoy the breeze, real-time crypto market updates and more. We are pleased to launch this light-weight, blockchain-based gadget that can be used in everyone’s daily life! Its cutting edge feature rewrites the rules of display technology. To celebrate the launch, we will give five XFan prototype units to the lucky Pundians. To learn more of its revolutionary features of XFan and the details, you can read here:
Dear Pundians, monthly report of March 2019 is now available! XPOS and XPASS cards will be available in the new countries. NPXS continues being listed on new changes, such as Huobi, Cryptofacil Exchange as well as being one of the 16 default tokens to choose from in the new Samsung Galaxy S10 blockchain wallet. Here’s the INSIDER for you to catch up Pundi X in March 👉
Dear Pundians, the Pundi X Open Platform is now available for ERC20 token listing! Companies, blockchain developers and merchants can begin signing up for an account to list their ERC20 tokens and request for custom-made XPASS cards. To learn how, you can read more at
Dear Pundians, following the launch of Open Platform and a commitment to attract quality blockchain developers to join Pundi X ecosystem, the team has set up a fund from the Partnership Reserve Fund (PRF) to subsidize quality developers. The source of PRF is from the NPXS buyback in the open markets. Within the week of May 13, we will plan to execute the buybacks valued at 500 ETH. The price range will be between $0.0005 to 0.0009 US dollars per NPXS token. For details, you can read at